There are multiple trailheads in the area that will allow you to access the Rawah wilderness. "Rawah" is a native American term meaning "wild place." The Rawah Wilderness was designated by the Wilderness Act of 1964 and added to by the Colorado Wilderness Act of 1980. Its total size is 76,394 acres. Elevations in the Rawah Wilderness area range from 8,400 to 13,000 feet. The high peaks were carved by glaciers, resulting in spectacular cirque lakes and moraines. There are many lakes ranging in size, and this high alpine area contains the headwaters of the McIntyre Creek, Rawah Creek, Fall Creek, and Laramie River. From the ranch, you can make your way back to Shipman Park along the McIntyre trail. Shipman park is one of the most remote areas in Larimer County. Between the roaring McIntyre creek, meadows filled with wildflowers in June and July, and the pristine beauty of alpine lakes surrounding the Glendevey Ranch, this place is a hikers dream come true.

Mountain Biking-
Glendevey Ranch is a mountain bikers paradise.The owner of the ranch personally maintains over 15 miles of historic logging roads on public lands, where encounters with moose or elk are regular occurrences.Nearby recognized rides include Nipple Peak Loop and Diamond Park to Scott's Run.

Fly Fishing-
McIntyre Creek tumbles down from the Rawah Wilderness and meanders through the ranch meadows for nearly a mile, providing excellent fly fishing for brown and brook trout. A private access trail into the wilderness area leads to outstanding high altitude lake and stream fishing. Rawah Wilderness lakes and streams are inhabited by lake, cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout. Graylings are also found in this area.

Ski Touring/Snowshoeing-

During the Winter Glendevey Ranch offers snowshoes to get around in the deep mountain snow. The surrounding roads and trails also serve up some great cross country skiing access.

Horseback and Llama Rides-

Horse or llama riding/packing are possibilities that can sometimes be arranged. Our animals are peacefully at home in their own private wilderness. Please inquire before your visit as these services are not always available.
Wildlife Viewing-
Elk, deer, and moose are plentiful on the ranch. Black bear, bighorn sheep, bobcats, marmot, and beaver all call the Rawah home. There are many species of birds including the red-tailed hawk, white-tailed ptarmigan, golden eagle, raven, Steller's Jay and many different types of warblers. "Maryanne" the moose is often seen cruising around the lodge during breakfast.

Hunting (In Season)- The lodge offers a great place for hunters to rest before and after thier hunt. Guided hunts maybe also available. All hunting at the ranch is done in season and with a required Colorado Parks and Wildlife Tag.
Other Activities-
Imagine it. Play it here at Glendevey Ranch. We have horseshoe pits, 30' swing set, and lots of room for ultimate frisbee, flag football or anything else under the sun. The lodge offers a pool table and foosball.

A commitment to Conservation and preservation

Glendevey Ranch has a long and rich history. The large historic lodge has been updated while still preserving its heritage and old west nostalgia. There are seven bedrooms upstairs, a commercial kitchen, dining room, large living room with two woodburning fireplaces, and a game room on the main floor. The large porch is a wonderful place to relax with a book while the back deck provides for relaxation and spectacular views. Glendevey Ranch also offers four cozy and historical log cabins for our guests' enjoyment, all within easy walking distance to the main lodge. The Ranch provides the opportunity for family and friends to escape the city life for the peacefulness of wilderness, but for those who need to maintain some connection to the outside, we have wireless internet and a landline in the main lodge. Cellular phone reception is not available.

At the Glendevey Ranch, we are committed to conserving the natural resources and preserving historic structures on the property. In the early 2000's a pine beetle epidemic hit the ranch, and a significant die-off of lodgepole pines occurred. We have since committed many of our resources to removing these dead trees from the landscape to allow the forest to recover and protect the ranch from the threat of wildfire. The ranch also gets the majority of its power from a large solar array on the property. Everything we do at the ranch is focused around stewardship so that the ranch can be enjoyed for years to come.

The Owners

The Great Outdoors

The historic lodge & Cabins

A private, old style western ranch with modern conveniences nestled next to the Rawah Wilderness

Jeff Lebesch and Zia Zybko own the ranch. Jeff searched long and hard before he decided to take on the stewardship of Glendevey Ranch. His hesitance was rooted in a concern about the use of natural resources in maintaining the property and the general use of construction resources for a second home. Somehow, this crazy, cowboy, historic property whose name is on most of the maps in Colorado, grabbed him. Jeff and Zia have devoted years to restoring this old ranch with the help of family and friends.

While you're at the ranch there is no shortage of scenic views, wildlife, and outdoor activities to enjoy.